Since 2014


It all started in that little hardware store

Accumulated more than 30 years of experience in brand trading. Through experience inheritance and innovative thinking, we joined in self-research and development ranks ,purely for Golding customers to produce the highest quality products for the consumers.


Jump bravely, can only fly

When it comes to investment, it faces the threat left by the trade war between China and the United States, and it faces the exchange rate policy, tariffs problems and price wars. Golding reconsider more efficient production to provide customers with a valuable choice with the highest quality and the best price.


Squat down, to jump higher 

Influenced by the Covid-19 epidemic, in the global downturn environment We carefully check the health status of employees and keep production stable, and we try our best to maintain the operation of the related industry chain. At the same time, we use various data and experience to carry on the digital transformation.

Some people say that I am young, do not understand the industry secrets; Some people say I’m tough and don’t know how to compromise.

Because I don’t understand, I break the rules;

Because I don’t compromise, the quality of Golding is stable.

GOLDING is the raw materials supplier to bring the social security, we have the responsibility to defend your and my life safety.


Golding is in its sixth year of specializing in making aluminum wire

From the trading to production process, research and development From traditional mode to digital remote management

Step by step, down-to-earth operation so far Always believe that

“Stable quality, kind after-sales service, positive solutions” It is the foundation of trust in many industries




After a stock crash, financial tsunami, we continue to stand behind the customer, support and encourage each other to.